Isochronic Map: WebGL Edition

Traversing and remapping a graph on the GPU

Engineering Uber’s Self-Driving Car Visualization Platform for the Web

Minecraft Chunk Viewer

Minecraft chunk viewer in the browser with WebGL

Minecraft Patent Posters

Minecraft machines in patent drawing style


Open-source framework for quick-n-dirty design prototyping

Continuum XL

Windows at 10-foot

Morphing: The Tool

Mathematical Transformations for Architects and Designers

Xbox One Multitasking II

Return of the Guide

Xbox Live Career Celebration

Visualizing gaming history and achievements

Cortana on Xbox

Bringing the personal assistant to the party

Reinvent the List Control

Long list traversal with controller

Xbox One Natural User Interface

The dream of living room magic and the fall of Kinect

Xbox One Multitasking I

Fixing snap management for Xbox One

3-Way Volume Mixer

A volume mixer control to replace 5 sliders

Why don't more designers code?

My answer on Quora

Hunting For A Better Keyboard On TV

High efficiency controller and multi-modal typing at 10-ft

Society Of Devices

Hackathon winner: move UI and content cross device boundaries

Ambient Visualization of Kinect Tracking

Gesture, speech and the fall of Kinect

The Code Map

Navigate through large graphs as maps

A Visualization of Version Histories

Visualizing code version history and contribution

The Slow Glass @ Power Station of Art

The time-distorting installation goes to Shanghai

Game Assets Lifecycle Management

Tame the artists

Touch-First 3D Modeling

A multi-touch, multi-model UI for building 3d models

Monsters, Ink.

Identifiable code file thumbnails

Health Infoscape

Visualizing 40 years of American health data

The Connected States of America

Redefining state boundaries from a network of human interactions

Seeing Differently: Cartography For Subjective Maps Based On Dynamic Urban Data

Master's thesis

Power Chart of Chinese Provinces

Density-equalizing maps based on population and media exposure

Sky Color of 10 Chinese Cities

Visualizing daily air quality data

Isochronic Map: Singapore

A dynamic, personal city transportation map

Visualizing A Real-time Trivia Game

A mobile game that connects audience at MIT150 convocation

Isochronic Map: France

Charting the rail travel experience of remote areas

The Linkage Computer

A mechanical computer built from rivets and bars

Redrawing Borderlines Of The Great Britain

Redefining regional boundaries from a network of human interactions

The View Point

Interactive multimedia installation in Chengdu, China

A Supernatural Map of The United States

Mapping haunted locations of the CW show


A visual language for custom visualizations

The Slow Glass

A digital installation that distorts time

Isochronic Map: Paris

Cartography for responsive transportation choices

HashTable: An Algorithm for Material Reuse

Scanner for reusable shapes from scrap materials

Softly Rigid

An experiment with paper as building material

Real Time Twitter Cloud

Visualizing Twitter hashtag graph

Customizable Production: Coffee Shop

User-customizable, locally-manufactured architecture

The Copenhagen Wheel

Environmental data tracking with the internet of things

Representations and Processes

Gesture and speech working together

Customizable Production: Umbrella Stand

Parametric furniture design

The Moon Chair

Furniture design and rapid prototyping

The Symbolic, the Visual, the Recursive

A Le Corbusier architectual plan generator

Simple Complexity

Laser-cut dodecahedron structure

Curtain That Tells Time

Nerdy home decoration

Visualization of Chi

An interpretation of architecture

Time Syntax

A growth simulator for city planners

Intelligent Skin

An architectural structure shaped from how it's viewed

City In The Mirror

A virtual connection between inner and outer cities