Visualization of Chi

December 20 2007

In this piece of work I draw an interpretation of architecture instead of making solutions.

The Sphere is the result of a TU Delft design studio - a complex composed of 13 students’ works. It consists all kinds of building functions: residence, office, schools, bars, theaters and traffic among them. CHI is an ancient Chinese concept that describes the field of life around a place. It raises and falls like tides in time, indicating the changing status of human activities.

The TU Delft Studio Work And Input Parameters

The changing states are transformed into GUA, an octal representation in traditional Chinese philosophy system. It is then visualized as a visible field.

The Construction Of GUA The Transformation

Chi Over A Day In The Delft Sphere

Collaborated with Qiwei Liange, Xing Xiong, Shi Zhou

data visualization architecture urbanism Rhino RhinoScript