Customizable Production: Coffee Shop

December 20 2009

This started from a project for 4.510: Materializing Design by Prof. Larry Sass.

We made a web app which support making customizable tree-like canopy for coffee shops. User can access to our website, build their own design in friendly 3d interface, take the generated CAD file to any nearby CNC machine and cut the parts from 3/4” plywood sheets. Metal connectors are shipped to them. Following online instructions, they can then assemble the parts with an untrained crew of few. Everything is manufactured locally.

We have tested the system with prototypes in various scales. The latest ones are 1:6 models made from 1/8’’ masonite with lasercutter. Metal pieces are cut with waterjet and hand bended. Right now the shape and angle between parts are chosen to simplify design and assembly. Next version in our plan will work with advanced machines and materials to support more flexible and fluid surface designs.

Tree Coffee Shop - 3d Printed Prototype Tree Coffee Shop - Lasercut Prototype Tree Coffee Shop - Lasercut Prototype

Collaborated with Felecia Davis.

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