Isochronic Map: Paris

May 13 2010

What is your mental map of a city? I bet it’s not measured in miles. This project is part of my work in the SENSEable City’s workshop this semester. In these distorted maps of Paris, the distance between a spot and the city center is not proportional to their geographical distance, but the cost taken to get there.

Standard map vs. driving time map of Paris: the city center expands from congestion, and the edge is denser.

Standard Map vs Isochronic Map For Drivers Of Paris

Comparing the isochronic map of Paris under different transportation modes: (unit: minutes)

Isochronic Map Of Paris, 3 Transportations Comparison

Think driving is better? However, if we map the city using carbon footprint as distance: (unit: kg CO2)

Isogreenic Map Of Paris, 3 Transportations Comparison

In the workshop I proposed an alternative navigation on smartphone map services. I call it an isogreenic map. This would have a psychological influence on the user when he decides which transportation makes the trip easier:

Isogreenic Map By Cycling Isogreenic Map By Metro Isogreenic Map By Car

Vector map: Connection data: Google Directions,

A demo video that shows how the transformation works:

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