The View Point

October 16 2010

This installation was part of the art exhibition Conception As Enzyme in Chengdu, China.

A virtual pool simulating the water lily pool outside of the gallery is placed onto the lobby floor. The projection area is about 2m x 4m. When visitors walk across the projection area, traces of ripples will be generated and interact with each other. At this moment, visitors become players of the interactive projection. A camera will capture the movement of visitors and the ripples from above the projection area and live broadcast on a TV on second floor next to the arrival area of the stairs. Visitors will discover the broadcast when they get to the second floor from the stairs. At this moment, visitors become observers of the interactive projection.

The Observer

Human activity is the base to define space. Art influences architectural space, as well as how people live and think. Space-Art-Human, they interact with each other based on a profound connection or relationship. Human, is the ultimate meaning of space and art. The interaction between Human, Art and Space is the conceptual source of this project. Means of representation of this relationship is instead an additional margin value that can be interpreted in multiple angles.

Screenshot Exhibition Floor Photo

Collaborated with Michael Deng, Yi Jiang, Lifeng Qiao, Feifei Zhao, Cindy Wang and Davig Ng.

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