A Visualization of Version Histories

October 30 2012

This is just a side project. So the 6 of us have been working some internal project on TFS (5 devs and I). One night I extracted the version histories and had some fun with it.

The visual is inspired by Context Free. I first played with the tool in ‘07 and was impressed by the powerful outcome of combining recursion and randomness. In this visualization each curve(represents a file or a folder) wanders freely in space and gradually fades out until it gets some attention. Each is colored by the last person who made changes. A curve branches when something derives from it (files added to folder; branching versions; etc.) The tree does get out of structure and less readable after some time. I’ll try some improved concept when I have the time.

Full view:

Version History

With my contribution highlighted:

Version History - Detail

Click here to play with the visualization. It should work with all decent browsers that support canvas. You can highlight the map by contributor or file. Hover over a node to see detail information. I did mess up the file names so (hopefully) I’m not violating any company policy. Please don’t get me in trouble. :-p

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