Minecraft Patent Posters

January 3 2016

My job has me file design patents on all sorts of retarded things. A piece of me dies every time I get a patent cube. I can’t wait till the entire software IP system goes down the drain. The only fun part of it is the drawing. I’ve always liked the patent drawing style. Being both explanatory and expressive with black and white is challenging. And fun.

Anyways, I felt bored over the New Year’s break. I recreated some Minecraft textures as an experiment:

Minecraft Textures In Black & White

Since they don’t look too bad, I went on to rebuild some Minecraft machines in Rhino. The result is two fake patent filings by Steve. One for automatic chicken cooker (click to enlarge):

A Fully Automated Device For Breeding And Harvesting Of Chickens

Another one for charcoal cooker:

A Self-Sustaining Device For Manufacturing Charcoal From Wood

Both configurations are fully tested in game. The lava block in the chicken cooker is destroying cooked meat (while leaving the feathers) in 1.8.9. Bummer, it used to work for me in earlier versions. For now, I’d substitute lava with water.

What’s next? I’ve no idea, Monday is on the horizon, I need a beer. Let me know what you think.

I’m not associated with Mojang nor Minecraft, nor am I the original inventor of the machines illustrated above. You may use the images freely as long as I’m credited. I’m in no way responsible for any damage caused by my illustrations, including but not limited to in-game death, loss of sleep and antisocial behavior. If you’re a nice human, friend @Pessimistress on all the game-y-internets.

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